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Nagra Tape A-Roll´s - 21.Januar 1969
400 A auf Day By Day Vol. 18
401 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 18
402 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 18
403 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 18
404 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 18
405 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 18
406 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 18
407 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 18
408 A auf Day By Day Vol. 19
409 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 19
410 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 19
411 A   auf Day By Day Vol. 19

Day By Day Vol. 18
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Nagra Tape Roll 400 A (16:13)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    My Rock And Roll Finger Is Bleeding(21.01)
    Window Window(21.02)

Nagra Tape Roll 401 A (16:14)
   ♦ Dialogue 
   ♦ Instrumental(21.03)
    Bunny Hop(21.04)
   ♦ Unknown(21.05)
   ♦ Instrumental(21.06)
    Somethin´ Else(21.07)
    Blossom Dearie They Call Me(21.08)

Nagra Tape Roll 402 A (16:14)
    Blossom Dearie They Call Me(21.09)
    Oh How I Love The 12-Bar Blues(21.10)
    You Are My Sunshine(21.12)
    I´m Beginning To See The Light(in 21.13)
   ♦ Instrumental(21.14-21.15)

Nagra Tape Roll 403 A (16:01)
    My Girl(21.16)
    Dig A Pony(21.17)
    New Orleans(21.24)
    Dig A Pony(21.26)
    The Fool(21.27)
    Dig A Pony(21.28)

Nagra Tape Roll 404 A (15:41)
   ♦ Dialogue 
   ♦ Stones Act Take 1 
    Run For Your Life(21.29)
    High Heel Sneakers(21.30)
    My Baby Left Me(21.31)
    That´s All Right (Mama)(21.31)
    Hallelujah I Love Her So(21.32)
    Milk Cow Blues(21.33)
    I´m A Man(21.33)
   ♦ Improvisation(21.34)

Nagra Tape Roll 405 A (16:12)
   ♦ Imprvisation 
    Little Queenie(21.35)
    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling(21.36)
    Queen Of The Hop(21.37)
    All I Want Is You(21.38)
    Dig A Pony(21.39)
    Five Feet High And Rising(21.40)
    Friendship(in 21.40)
    Dig A Pony(21.41)
    In The Middle Of An Island(21.42)
    Gilly Gilly Ossenpfeffer ...(21.42)
    Dig A Pony(21.43)
   ♦ Imprvisation(21.44)
    Good Rockin´ Tonight(21.44)

Nagra Tape Roll 406 A (16:01)
    Good Rockin´ Tonight(21.44)
    Blue Suede Shoes(in 21.44)
    Forty Days(21.45)
    Too Bad About Sorrows(21.46)
    Dig A Pony(21.47)
    I´m Ready(21.48)
    Dig A Pony(21.49)
    Papa´s Got A Brand New Bag(21.50)
    Dig A Pony(21.51)

Nagra Tape Roll 407 A (16:20)
   ♦ Unknown(21.53)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(21.55)
    William Smith Boogie(21.56)
    You Got Me Rockin & Rollin(in 21.56)
    San Ferry Anne(21.57)
    Dig A Pony(21.58)
    You Gotta Give Me Back(21.59)
    Dig A Pony(21.60)
    Well, Well, Well(21.61)
    You´ve Got Me Thinking(21.62)
    Dig A Pony(21.63)


Day By Day Vol. 19
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Nagra Tape Roll 408 A (16:16)
    Dig A Pony(21.64)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(21.65)
    Don´t Let Me Down(21.66)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(21.54p)

Nagra Tape Roll 409 A (16:19)
    Dig A Pony(21.49p)
    Papa´s Got A Brand New Bag(21.50p)
    Dig A Pony(21.49p)
    Roxanne Rubber(in 21.49p)
    Dig A Pony
        (Intro zu Two Of Us in 21.69)

Nagra Tape Roll 410 A (16:07)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    Let´s Dance(21.71)
   ♦ Improvisation(21.72)
    Don´t Let Me Down(21.73)
   ♦ Unknown(21.74)
    Get Back(21.75)
    Queen Of The Hop(21.76)
    Bathroom Window(21.77-21.78)

Nagra Tape Roll 411 A (13:03)
    Bathroom Window(21.80-21.81)
    Is That A Chicken Joke?(21.83)

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