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Nagra Tape B-Roll´s - 03.Januar 1969
50 B auf Kum Back Vol. 1
51 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 1
52 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 1
53 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 1
54 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 1
55 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 1
56 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 1
57 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 1
58 B   - vermisst
59 B   - übersprungen
60 B   - übersprungen

Kum Back Vol. 1
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Nagra Tape Roll 50 B (16:08)
    The Long And Winding Road(3.01)
    Oh! Darling(3.02-3.03)
   ♦ Unknown(3:04)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(3.05)
    I Bought A Picasso (Picasso)(3.23)
    Taking A Trip To Carolina(3.24)
    Hey Jude(3.25)
   ♦ Improvisation(3:30)
    I´m So Tired(3.38)
    Ob-la-di Ob-la-da(3.39)
    Get On The Phone(3.40)
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da(3.41)
    Don´t Let Me Down(3.42)
    My Words Are In My Heart(3.45)
    Negro In Reserve(3.46)

Nagra Tape Roll 51 B (15:55)
    Don´t Let Me Down(3.50)
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da(3.51)
    Don´t Let Me Down(3.52-3.54)
    Sun King(3.55)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(3.56-3.59)
    Going Up The Country(3.62)
    On The Road Again(3.63)
    The One After 909(3.64)

Nagra Tape Roll 52 B (16:02)
    The One After 909(3.66)
    I´ll Wait Until Tomorrow(3.67)
    The Hippy Hippy Shake(3.74)
    Two Of Us(3.75; 3.77-3.80)

Nagra Tape Roll 53 B (16:22)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    Sun King(3.82)
   ♦ Improvisation(3.83-3.84)
    Short Fat Fanny(3.85)
    Midnight Special (Prisoner´s Song)(3.86)
    Money (That´s What I Want)(3.90)
    Give Me Some Truth(3.91)
    All Things Must Pass(3.92-3.94)

Nagra Tape Roll 54 B (15:35)
    All Things Must Pass(3.100-3.106)

Nagra Tape Roll 55 B (16:08)
    All Things Must Pass(3.108-3.115)

Nagra Tape Roll 56 B (16:06)
    All Things Must Pass(3.117-3.124)
   ♦ Unknown(3.125)
    Back In The U.S.S.R.(3.126)
    Every Little Thing(3.127)
    Piece Of My Heart(3.128)
    Sabre Dance(3.129)

Nagra Tape Roll 57 B (16:21)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    I´ve Been Good To You(3.133)
    All Things Must Pass(3.134, 3.136-3.138)

Nagra Tape Roll 58 B   - vermisst
Nagra Tape Roll 59 B   - übersprungen
Nagra Tape Roll 60 B   - übersprungen